Add millions of tiny bubbles

to your next event with a

fun foam party!

About Arizona Foam Fun & Graham Rogers

Amazing AZ Party Entertainment

Arizona Foam Fun founder Graham Rogers moved to the United States 22 years ago. As a New Zealand native, he has traveled the world performing amazingly fun magic shows for libraries, schools, and companies around the world.

In addition to his curriculum-based educational magic programs (check out his Awesome Assemblies), Graham wanted to bring a fun, all-ages entertainment option for outdoor events in Arizona.

 The Origin Story of an Entertainment Company in Arizona

Graham researched different forms of entertainment for Arizona events. Since Arizona is known for being incredibly hot, foam parties were a natural choice. But after looking at what other companies were offering, Graham knew he could do better.

Many of the lower-priced foam party companies were using lower-quality foam. The result? Foam “parties” where the foam only came up to guests’ ankles. Not very fun! To make matters worse, he discovered the lower-quality foam may cause allergic reactions in some guests. That, plus the slow dissolving and messy nature, spurred Graham to keep looking.

Committed to High-Quality Safe Fun

After a great deal of research and development, Graham was able to source the best equipment and foam mixture for his outdoor Arizona parties. The foam Arizona Foam uses is safe, hypoallergenic, and fast dissolving.

What does this mean to you? Simple: Your guests get to play and dance in waist-deep foam without the worry of an allergic reaction or stains on their clothes. Best of all, our high-quality foam makes cleanup a snap. After the event is over, just walk away. Our foam dissolves easily and safely without you doing a thing!