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DIY Tips for the Garage

The following are some of the DIY steps to follow when you need to make your garage more spacious and well arranged.

Store more on walls

Should you mount brackets, hooks and hardware on studs, you are definitely wasting a lot of space. The best way to do it is by adding a layer of ¾ inches plywood over bare studs or drywall. You will be given access to a fastening surface which is continuous for one to cram more stuff and arrange items efficiently.

Adding high cabinets and shelves

Make use of low, mid range and high spaces for storage. The high spaces are not the most convenient to store items which are frequently used but can be well suited for long-term storage. Make use of the higher space with cabinets and shelves placed higher up the wall. Camping gear and holiday decorations are the best to store at such cabinets and shelves, for instance.

Hanging storage bins from the ceiling

This makes a perfect fit for rarely needed things and holiday decorations. This can be made from homemade support carriages and plastic bins. When making these carriages, you need to screw and glue a ¾ inch plywood flange into 2x4s. The carriages are then screwed onto the ceiling joists and the bins slide in

Building a fold-down workbench

When your garage is not big enough for your workbench and car, a great option is to make a fold down bench, or rolling workbench that you can use as you need. This is easy and quick to set up and it hardly takes up any space when not in operation and your garage doubles as a workspace and parking space.

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