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Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting Your Child’s Birthday Part

Are you having a birthday party for your child? Birthday parties are a fun, enjoyable ‘rite of passage’ for millions of children each year in Arizona. But hosting a birthday party comes with certain norms to follow. Ignore these at your peril! But what are they? And how can you avoid them?

I’m Graham Rogers, owner of Arizona Foam Fun, Arizona’s premier foam party company for children’s birthdays. For years, we have thrilled guests at outdoor parties of all shapes and sizes with the best foam party experience. As an added service, we also publish helpful articles for busy event planners.

Let’s dive into some of the do’s and don’ts of good birthday party planning.

Birthday Party Do’s & Don’ts #1: Your Party Invitations

Most party planning experts recommend sending your invitations out to the party three to four weeks before your child’s big day. That gives most potential guests time to plan their schedules. But when sending out invitations, you’ll need to be specific. Why?

Many children have siblings. And some busy parents think it’s okay to bring all their kids to a birthday party. These parents may look at the party as a way to give themselves a much-needed break from parenting.

This spells trouble for you. If you are renting a party facility and paying per child, these unexpected extra siblings could spell disaster for your budget. Specify on the invitations that the party is not for siblings, just your child’s friends/classmates.

Here’s another big ‘don’t’ in the invitations department. You don’t have to invite every child in your kid’s class. But you must be careful. Inviting 22 out of 25 kids in your child’s class definitely sends the wrong message. Don’t think you can invite most of the class and exclude a few. Big no-no.

Birthday Do’s & Don’ts #2: Parents Contact Information

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to require parents to say. You certainly can if you like. But you don’t need to require it. If you are hosting a ‘drop off’ party, there is a big ‘do’ to remember. Be sure to get parents’ contact information. You’ll want to be prepared in case there is any kind of emergency.

Ask parents when they RSVP to send you their contact information. Also, ask them to send any allergy information. Knowing this in advance can help prevent any dietary disasters at the party!

Birthday Do’s & Don’ts #3: Goody Bags

Here’s the good news: You DON’T have to include goody bags. Yay! But you can certainly include them if you feel like it. What you include in them is up to you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • DIY Kit: Consider a simple do-it-yourself craft item your child’s guests can out together, either at the party or on their own at home later.
  • T-Shirts: If your budget can swing it, this is a fantastic way to give your child’s guests a simple keepsake of your awesome event.
  • Bubbles: Yup, bubbles make a popular and fun giveaway. And if you’re hosting one of our popular foam parties, it’s the perfect add-on to your party!

But there is a big ‘DON’T’ when it comes to goody bags. You can’t just load them up with a bunch of inexpensive junk. It’s in poor taste and besides, it looks bad!

Birthday Do’s & Don’ts #4: Gifts

Yes, gifts are still on the table. If you want your child to have a party where everyone brings a gift, that’s perfectly fine. But you don’t have to.

Maybe your child is already swimming in toys. Maybe they have enough stuff to keep them busy until they graduate. Or maybe you’re taking steps to teach your child not to be so materialistic. Either way, it’s acceptable to put ‘no gifts’ on the invitation.

If you do allow guests to bring gifts for your child, there is a big ‘do’ you’ll need to remember. And that’s simply to keep track of who gave which gift. After the party, send a note of thanks to each guest.

Handwritten notes are always appreciated and show you are a kind and thoughtful host. Another way of saying thanks? Snap a shot of your child holding the gift. Send it along to the parents telling them how much their gift is appreciated.

Want an Awesome Birthday Party Activity?

Our incredible foam parties are the perfect add-on to any outdoor party. We are a full-service foam party company. We take care of set-up, clean-up, and of course, running the party. All you have to do is sit back and relax! To find out if we are available for your event, contact us today.


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