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Easter Extravaganza: Unleash the Fun for Youth and Children


Easter is a time of joy and celebration, especially for youth and children in the church community. It’s an opportunity to engage them in fun-filled activities while teaching them the significance of Jesus’s resurrection. Whether you’re planning an Easter event for your church or looking for ideas to engage children and families, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will explore a wide range of exciting games, crafts, activities, and snacks that will make your Easter extravaganza a memorable experience for all.

Easter Games: Outdoor Adventures

Easter egg hunts are a classic and beloved tradition that can be turned into an outreach opportunity for your community. Consider incorporating creative twists to make it an unforgettable event. How about organizing a Roll the Stone Relay, where kids can experience the excitement of the stone being rolled away from Jesus’s empty tomb? Or, you can host an Easter egg relay race that will get the kids laughing and working off that sugar high. Don’t forget the traditional egg and spoon race or the Easter sack race, which can add an extra element of fun to the festivities.

To bring a touch of nostalgia, you can introduce Bunny Tag and “Bunny, Bunny, Rabbit!”—playful variations of old-school kids’ games like Duck, Duck, Goose! These games will keep the children entertained while connecting them with the Easter theme.

Easter Games: Indoor Delights

When the weather doesn’t cooperate or you have limited space, indoor Easter games can be just as exciting. Get creative with simple materials found around the house. Challenge the kids to build the tallest Easter egg tower using plastic egg halves, or engage them in a game of “Don’t Spring Break,” where they toss a treat-filled egg back and forth without letting it crack. For some laughs, try the hilarious egg rolling race where kids navigate an obstacle course while rolling an egg with their noses.

Utilize Easter baskets by organizing an Easter basket egg toss or play “What’s in the Bag?” where kids have to guess the hidden objects related to the Biblical story. These indoor games will keep the children engaged and entertained while reinforcing the Easter message.

Easter Crafts: From Paper Plates to Keepsakes

Crafts are a fantastic way to engage children’s creativity while reinforcing the meaning behind Easter. Start with simple and sweet paper plate crafts that require minimal time and materials. Create a Calvary paper plate craft featuring the anthem of Easter: “He Is Risen!” or recreate the scene at the empty tomb using easy-to-follow instructions. Another impressive craft involves making an Easter egg that swings open to reveal a cross inside—a visual reminder of the season’s significance.

Let the children embrace the arrival of spring by making their own birds’ nests using paper plates and Spanish moss. To add a touch of playfulness, encourage them to become a flock of Easter lambs by creating paper plate sheep masks or make paper plate Easter baskets to hold their Easter treasures.

If you’re up for a more challenging craft, consider making a Washi Tape Cross using assorted tapes to create personalized reminders of Jesus’s death and resurrection. Children can also make Easter Cross Sun Catchers using simple supplies, resulting in beautiful decorations that can be displayed year-round.

For a unique twist, encourage children to make crosses out of egg cartons. Ask parents to save their egg cartons, and with a few weeks of collection, you’ll have all the materials needed for this surprisingly simple craft. Another creative idea is to make paper Easter lilies using kids’ handprints, symbolizing the rebirth and renewal associated with Easter.

Downloadable Easter Sunday Activities: Ready for Fun!

Looking for a quick and easy solution to keep children engaged on Easter Sunday? Downloadable activities provide a convenient and ready-to-go option. Choose from a variety of coloring pages, crafts, puzzles, games, and even science experiments. These resources ensure that you have a well-rounded program that caters to different interests and learning styles. Let’s celebrate the risen King with these exciting activities!

Even More Easter Games and Activities: Going the Extra Mile

Expand your Easter celebration by incorporating additional memorable activities. Consider hosting a sunrise service outdoors, creating a profound impact on children and families. If a church-wide service isn’t feasible, organize a special sunrise service exclusively for the kids’ ministry. Make it a pajama-themed event to add an extra element of fun and nostalgia. Encouraging families to attend these services can help foster a sense of community and provide an opportunity to share the Easter message.

Resurrection Eggs are a fantastic way to tell the Easter story. Similar to an Advent calendar, these eggs contain symbols representing different parts of the story. Consider hosting a Resurrection Egg hunt, where children search for these eggs while learning about the events leading up to Jesus’s resurrection.

While bunnies are often associated with Easter, butterflies are equally powerful symbols of resurrection and new life. Engage children in making butterfly wings and use this opportunity to teach them about the transformation and renewal that Easter represents.

Easter eggs can also be used to review key Bible verses related to the story of Jesus’s resurrection. Write one word of the verse on each egg and engage the children in memory games or challenges. This interactive approach helps reinforce the Easter message while making it enjoyable for the participants.

Word games are always a hit with children. Play “Word Up!” and challenge them to create as many words as possible using the letters from EASTER. Consider adding additional keywords such as CROSS, TOMB, or RESURRECTION to increase the challenge.

Easter Snacks: Fueling the Fun

No celebration is complete without delicious snacks! Create a holiday feast for the children with Easter-themed treats that complement the Easter story. For example, an Easter Snack Mix can be made using different ingredients that represent different aspects of the Easter story. Talk to the children about the symbolism behind each item while enjoying the tasty snack mix together.

For a show-stopping and delicious Easter treat, use pudding cups to recreate the scene of the empty tomb. This creative snack will not only satisfy the children’s sweet tooth but also serve as a visual reminder of the miracle of Jesus’s resurrection.

Get artistic with Jolly Ranchers and sugar cookies to make beautiful stained glass cross cookies. These edible masterpieces will not only delight the children but also make wonderful gifts when paired with an invitation to your church’s Easter service.

If you have access to a kitchen or toaster oven, consider making Easter Resurrection Rolls. These disappearing marshmallow rolls are a delicious and interactive way to teach children about the miracle of Resurrection Sunday.

Involve the children in making their own Easter carrot snack bags filled with sweet or savory treats. This activity not only encourages creativity but also helps children understand the symbolism of carrots during Easter.

Turn Easter Jelly Beans into a fun science experiment by organizing a Jelly Bean Taste Test. Let the children explore their taste buds while learning about different flavors and colors. This activity combines entertainment and education, making it a crowd-pleaser.

Easter Books and Coloring Pages: Stories to Cherish

Easter is an excellent time to enhance your classroom library with books that tell the story of Jesus’s resurrection. Reading these books in class or allowing children to take them home can deepen their understanding of the Easter message. Coloring pages are a budget-friendly alternative if acquiring multiple books isn’t feasible for your resources. These coloring pages can be used as an engaging activity to reinforce the Easter story.

Easter Ideas from Around the World: Embracing Diversity

Easter is celebrated differently in various countries, and exploring these traditions can be a valuable learning experience for children. Take your Sunday school class on a virtual trip around the world to discover unique Easter ideas. For example, in Bermuda, flying kites is a tradition associated with Easter. Encourage children to create their own paper plate kites to celebrate this tradition.

In Germany, Easter egg trees are a colorful sight. Bring this tradition to your church by decorating a tree on the property or creating an indoor display using houseplants or branches in a vase.

Hot Cross Buns are a well-known tradition in England. Consider incorporating this treat into your Easter event, either by making them yourself or sourcing them from a local bakery.

In France, children receive candy from Easter bells instead of the Easter bunny. Create your own church bells using basic supplies, and let the children enjoy the excitement of ringing them.

Another French tradition involves eating a cake shaped like a lamb, symbolizing Jesus’s sacrifice. Make this experience accessible to your Sunday school class by baking lamb-shaped cupcakes.

Conclusion: Spreading the Joy of Easter

Image credit: Unsplash

Planning an Easter extravaganza for youth and children requires creativity, intentionality, and a touch of fun. By incorporating a variety of games, crafts, activities, and snacks, you can create a memorable experience that engages children while teaching them the true meaning of Easter. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor egg hunt, organizing indoor games, or exploring international Easter traditions, the key is to make it enjoyable, educational, and spiritually meaningful for all participants. Let’s spread the joy of Easter and celebrate the risen King together!

Check out this children’s ministry resource. Need activities you can use all year? Try these 52 Bible coloring pagestaken from some of the most well-known stories in the Bible.

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