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What You Can And Cannot Feed Your Dog

Many of our clients have pets here are some great tip for the dog owners we know

Many people love their dogs. In fact, they treat their pet like family. Sometimes they forget that their pet isn’t human and end up feeding them human food.  This may be dangerous for the pet if you give them certain foods that aren’t good for them. The food may be bad for their health. It’s best to know what food you can and cannot feed your dog so you won’t be hurting your pet. Here are a few guidelines.

The best food your dog can eat is food specifically made for dogs. This is the best way to keep them healthy. The ingredients in dog food is specifically made for dogs so it is safe for them to eat it and easier to digest.

Dogs have an easier time digesting animal-based food. If you are going to give them this type of food, it needs to be cooked. You can give them lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish, and pork.

If your pet is sick, you can feed it cooked chicken breast or cottage cheese mixed with boiled white rice. Either of these foods will help your dog feel better. They are nutritional and easy to digest.

If you want to put your pet on a healthy diet, you can give your pet baby carrots and green beans. You can give them plain, unsalted rice cakes. You can give them popcorn without butter or salt. You can even give your pet yogurt!

You need to avoid giving your dog raw eggs. Raw eggs can give your pet skin and hair problems. They will also be at risk of getting salmonella poisoning.

Most vegetables are fine for dogs to eat, but there are some that are not. Garlic, onions, and chives cause intestinal and red blood cell problems. Rhubarb leaves and mushrooms aren’t good for your dog either.

Chocolate is something dogs need to avoid eating. Chocolate can cause many health problems for your pet. The most dangerous kind of chocolate is dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate. This causes the dog to have diarrhea, nausea and vomiting and cause your pet to become very sick and need of veterinarian care.

Candy is another item you should avoid. Candy as well as other sweets are never good for your dog to eat. It can cause your dog to have liver failure and seizures.

Macadamia nuts are very bad for your dog. Even if your dog eats a little bit of these nuts, your dog can still get sick. Your dog can get poisoned by these nuts. Your dog can become paralyzed and risk death.

All fruit isn’t safe for dogs either. Grapes and raisins are not good to feed your dog. They cause your dog to get kidney failure. A sign that your dog maybe suffering from kidney failure is vomiting.

If you love your dog, it is best to know what you can and cannot feed your dog. If you want to give your dog human food, be careful what you choose to ensure the highest health and less risk of health issues.

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