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Who Says You Can’t Buy Time?

We never seem to have enough time!

Well, okay, perhaps it’s not possible to buy time as such, but one way of achieving a better work/life balance and freeing up a few valuable hours is by contracting out or outsourcing some of the less enjoyable activities that you have on your plate.

Got better things to do on a Saturday than trudge around the supermarket doing the weekly grocery shopping?  Spend half an hour ordering your groceries online instead and have them delivered straight to your door.  Even if there is a small charge for the service, it probably doesn’t come to much more than it would have cost you in gas to go to the store.  Been watching that lawn turn into a jungle for weeks and can’t seem to find the time or the motivation to mow it?  Pay one of the neighbors’ kids to do it for you for a couple of bucks while you do something more pleasurable.

Whether it’s walking the dog, cleaning the car or doing the household chores, there are people out there who are lining up to offer their services.  So if your time is worth more than the few dollars that it would cost to pay someone else to do a task, farm it out and put your feet up!

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