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Why Omega 3 Fish Oils Need to Be Part of Your Diet

The #1 cause of death in the USA is heart disease, and one thing that can help you improve your heart health is Omega 3 fish oils – EPA and DHA. You may have had your doctor recommend taking a fish oil supplement or perhaps you’ve even read about the importance of fish oil to your health. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Protect Your Heart

EPA and DHA in fish oil will lower your blood triglycerides. These are unhealthy fats that circulate throughout the blood. Even if your triglyceride levels are normal, fish oils are beneficial to other heart problem. In fact, research has shown that EPA and DHA can improve existing heart problems by reducing the fatty plaque that can be found on the inside of your blood vessels. If this fatty plaque ruptures this can cause a heart attack.

Protection from Stroke

According to research, there are a number of ways to prevent a stroke. Control your blood pressure because high blood pressure raises your risk by eight times. Quit smoking because smoking increases your risk of stroke three times. Control your cholesterol, control your atrial fibrillation. Finally reducing your risk of developing carotid stenosis, which can be done by taking Omega 3 fish oils.

A Natural Anti Depressan

Many people who have suffered from depression have benefited from taking Omega 3 fish oils. That’s because it seems they are a natural anti depressant. An analysis of EPA and DHA fish oil used in depression clinical trials showed that supplements containing more of the fish oil EPA over the fish oil DHA were effective against primary depression.

When choosing a fish oil supplement, make sure that you choose a quality Omega 3 fish oil brand, because that way you can reduce your risk of exposure to heavy metal contaminants like mercury. Go for purity in your Omega 3 fish oil supplement.

Vitamins and supplements like fish oil are part of my daily routine to keep my energy up, when you are looking for high energy outdoor fun  for your next event reach out us HERE


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